5 Best Bowling Ball for a Stroker

These days, all people who love bowling try to have the bowling balls with super hook potential. It has its own good reason, the more competitive edge possible will be more desirable as well. It will give you more power on shots.

In many different kinds of bowling balls, whether oily pattern or PBA sport pattern, having a good hook potential is a must. This kind of bowling ball will assist you a lot to produce strikes more often. In oil patterns which are simply for house shots, the high potential bowling balls then will give you more excitement and satisfaction.

Following today’s modern technology, there are some dramatic changes to bowling balls. Considering the pocket hit, the bowling balls also need to consider its speed, entry-angle and its rotation. Ensure the balance of your bowling balls, and the best way is by choosing high hook-potential balls.

When the balls hardly hook, you’re even able to base its rest of the shot off. Down below we have 5 best bowling ball for a stroker that can provide you with constant hitting with faster movement. The balls can create the strikes with an entry-angle if necessary. Find out as well double bowling balls on the internet if you also need this stuff.

Ebonito Aero

Ebonito Aero bowling balls are a good preference that can hook hard with heavy, fresh oil conditions. For the heaviest oil condition, this kind of ball is able to read midlane very well with complete energy so it can produce a hard hook. When it gets to the dry board, the balls can produce a traction end with the solid and smooth hook.

Not a type of slow ball, this Ebonito Aero can work fast, up-and-in short, straight. At the same time, it can also thrive in the slow across-lane if necessary. This kind of ball will work for you.

Hammer Obsession

Try to have Hammer Obsession bowling balls. For you who prefer to have a ball which thrives in fresh oil, but at the same time, can be versatile in any conditions. This kind of ball is filled with carbon fiber which makes it lots durable even if it performs hard with no compromise.

Its coverstock provides great read through bowling midlane, also still working great in the dry board conditions. Some people also name this ball as Obsession Tour, that means a great ball with asymmetrical core. However, it also can be quite finicky in several conditions. I really recommend this for you.

Brunswick Zenith

For a fan of very strong bowling balls, Brunswick Zenith will impress you. This kind of bowling balls hook anything, with its coverstock digs in with a hard hook.

Whether you are a beginner or professional bowler, the ball can hook a lot in any conditions from dry to oily lanes. As a fast hard hook, Brunswick Zenith can move faster.

Storm Parallax

As the only one polished ball mentioned in this article, Storm Parallax also will serve you a high potential hook. The ball is much later with a snappy reaction compared with other matte balls in this article.

It can read the lane earlier if compared with a pearl with a retained snappier energy to produce a quick hook. This ball is worth it to have, especially if you desire a ball which can glide over the oily condition. I think this ball will work great for you no matter the lane condition.

Storm Proton Physic

The last of the list, an insanely ripped bowling ball, is Storm Proton Physic. The ball is insanely strong with core combo and can hood hard. You will love this bowling ball, with any lane conditions whether oily or dry, it will be strong enough. Comes with matte dull finish, the ball also features a box with a 2000-grit abralon finish. For the strong, smooth hook, the ball is an impressive choice.

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