What are Bowling Balls made of? Are Bowling Balls Hollow?

Have you ever thought about what bowling balls are made of? The outside part of this ball is made of different kinds of material. It can be made of plastic, reactive resin, or urethane or rubber.

Rubber is rarely found this time. Meanwhile, the inside part of the ball is the mix of glass microbubbles with filler material which is usually metal core.

Are bowling balls hollow? Bowling balls are super-light but they’re not hollow. It has the same universal size which gives people the feeling that it is light and people usually think it’s hollow.

There are many different kinds of bowling balls with different weights. They are usually filled with filler material which is low-density.


The first popular material of bowling balls is hard wood. It is a kind of primitive bowling ball material which is also called lignum vitae. The balls are used for many years, until rubber ball becomes more popular.

It was Brunswick who first introduced bowling balls made of rubber which then dominated the market both for recreational and competitive games.

Polyester (plastic)

During 60 years of popularity of rubber bowling balls, finally people discovered that polyester can be a good material as well.

This kind of material is still used to this day for any game, recreational or competitive. Plastic balls are cheaper to produce and will be more durable.

Regarding its performance, plastic bowling balls also can perform really well. It has a small reaction on the lane, just throwing straight on the spares.


Urethane is an advanced bowling ball material used in modern day. This material has the actual name polyurethane but is simply called Urethane.

Bowlers love this ball as it can generate more friction on the lane surface if compared with rubber or plastic. As a result, the ball will hit the pocket with a better entry angle and hopefully can produce strike.

In competitive bowlers, urethane balls are commonly used for some reasons. It is typically for spare balls and strike balls which is good in both dry and oily conditions.

Reactive Resin

Reactive resin ball is the amazing thing to ever happen to bowling technology.

This kind of bowling ball has insanely hook potential to increase the possibility of strikes. In the process of making, reactive resin starts from the liquid.

Then, it solidifies into the hard and coverstock stuff. It is very reactive to any surface of the lane. I think it will be something you prefer for modern bowling.

Reactive resin ball can produce more reactive and aggressive movement. It has a snappy hook which leads to more strikes as well. Are you interested in purchasing this stuff? You’re gonna love this.

What is a bowling ball filled with?

Previously, it was explained that bowling balls are not hollow. Therefore, what is it filled with? Alright, we’re going to know this fact in this article.

Bowling is the result of indulging technology with a mixture of many components inside. There are filler materials combined inside of this light weight ball.

Usually, the bowling ball inner part is filled with combined material such as glass microbubbles and other materials which are heavy and dense.

So, the manufacturers can adjust the ball weight and maintain its size.

You also can find bowling balls filled with weight blocks. This material could be an engine which drives the ball into the pocket.

Actually, the inside part of bowling balls include different cores. Each weight block/core has its own equilibrium that makes it roll as it wants.

However, ball manufacturers have calculated producing ball according to science for several purposes including smoother, snappy hook and more.

So, How do I Choose a Ball for Myself?

If you are a recreational bowler, you can look for bowling balls which are excellent for beginners.

However, you also can still use a ball with a ton of hooks. Check out balls with high hook potential in the market, there are many choices.

Find a local pro shop near you and get the best bowling ball that fits you. You can ask the shop assistant to find a ball and wrist guard that perfectly fits your hand.

If you are looking for a much cheaper ball, you can browse the internet and ask for some recommendations.

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