Bowling Max Point dan Scoring System

How is the bowling scoring system? Most bowlers don’t have an idea about it, especially recreational bowlers. It’s not really complicated actually. In this article, we’re going to tell you about how scoring in bowling works.

Formerly, people used pen or pencil to keep track of scoring. Today, following advanced technology, we use automatic scoring with digitalization. It allows actual scores in real-time. Let’s break this system down.

Whether it is digital or not, the bowling scorecard consists of ten frames which is exactly the same. Further ideas about it will be explained in the bottom of the article. There are 3 possibilities in each frame including Spare, Strike and Open Frame.

Spare is the score to measure times to take both throws to know down the ten, meanwhile strike is when you knock down the ten in the first throw. Open frame is when you fail to know down the ten in a frame.

Open Frames

We’re going to explain firstly from an open frame. It is the situation when you fail to know the ten pins in one frame. When starting to frame, the ten pins are placed on the lane. Bowlers get two opportunities to knock down all the ten pins in one frame.

If you fail to knock down all the pins, you’ll get a score with the number of pins you knock down. For example, if you knock down 3 pins in the first throw, you’ll get 3 points. Then, if you knock down the rest in the second throw, you’ll get 5 points. For the accumulation, you get 8 points in one frame.


Spares will be a little bit tricky. However, it’s actually not as complicated as you think. It is the situation when you can’t knock down all pins in one throw. You still have a second throw to knock down the rest. In spare, the total point will not be shown until you finish the second throw.

For example, when you get a spare, then you knock down the 8 pins on your next throw, the score of the spare frame will be 18. 10 points from the spare-frame and 8 is from the next throw you made.


Then, there is also a strike in the bowling scoring system. It is similar to spares, yet you get total points 30 from the strike in first and your second throw. Point from the first throw if you succeed in knocking down all the pins is 10, and the 10 points from the next strike-frame.

Meanwhile, the rest 10 is the score you made after that. Total score for this scoring could reach 300, each frame 30 in 10 frames.

Special Exception: 10th Frame

In bowling, there are 10 frames you’ll get. There is a special exception in the 10th frame. Total points you’ll get in the 10th frame is the number of pins you can knock down in that frame. If you strike in first throw, you’ll get the next throw.

If you strike again, the next throw will be set again which makes you collect 30 points.
Also, in the 10th frame, the spare will be a bit different in which you’ll get 3 throws total.

For example, if you knock down 8 pins in the first throw, and you spare the second throw by knocking down 2 pins, you’ll get one fresh set pin. You’ll have no second chance to knock all the ten down. Therefore, if you want to get maximum scores, you must strike the 9th and make strikes as well in the 10th frame both at first and second throw.


Bowling scores sometimes really are confusing for beginners. But somehow, you’ll be ready if you know how it works and you’ll find that it is simple. Remember, to understand the overall scoring in bowling, there aspects above I’ve mentioned must be memorized.

Don’t leave an open frame because it can dramatically drop your points during the game. Total point 190 is not bad, but making more strikes will give you a maximum score.

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